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Supporting the energy industry in procurement services since 2008. EPCO Internationl was founded as a subsidiary of a steel fabricator workshop that has been serving the Oil and Gas industry. Our expertise ranges from all related spare parts and capital equipment for the sector. We have established dependable relationships with end users, operators ,and service companies in which we support their daily operations at multiple levels worldwide.

Services & Equipment List

  • Warehousing

    When equipment and materials for each purchase order are received at EPCO International warehouses, the following tasks are performed:

    • Physical inspections are performed to determine condition of merchandise. If export packing is required, EPCO International will determine the best packing fit for export.
    • Detailed pictures of materials, packaging, and general cargo are captured.
    • Physical inventory is reconciled against the purchase order to determine if there are overages, shortages, or discrepancies.
  • Purchase Orders

    EPCO International uses a procurement cycle which guides us through a step by step process linked to support through your procurement journey. All line items are cross checked between purchase receipts for accuracy and reliability. When applicable, a request for any necessary export compliance information from vendors will be provided by EPCO International.

  • Delivery

    Throughout the order process, deliveries are tracked until all goods are received and the purchase order has been completed according to the original and/or amended order.

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